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These are the books I’m currently reading. I’ll update this page when one books falls off the list and another replaces it. Usually, I’ve got three or four books going at once–one by my bed, one in my bag, one in my backpack, one in my bathroom, so titles will hopefully shuffle in fairly quickly. I try to mix the topics to keep myself from getting bored, but if I get on a jag–friends can recall the great Mexican History Jag of ’06–then you might see a certain, well, “consistency” among the entries.

I’m hoping that: 1) a title will agree with you; 2) you’ll read it; and 3) you’ll email me so we can discuss it!


Life, by Keith Richards. 

I started reading Keith Richards’s memoirs at Jivamukti Teacher Training, and I have Life to thank for guiding me through some of the longest days.

The thing about being a songwriter is, even if you’ve been fucked over, you can find consolation in writing about it, and pour it out. Everything has something to do with something; nothing is divorced. It becomes an experience, a feeling, or a conglomeration of experiences.

Railroaded: The Transcontinentals and the Making of Modern America, by Richard White.

I love reading about infrastructure–highways, canals, and bridges–and Richard White’s new book about the Transcontinental Railroads is the latest on my list. Apparently, we didn’t need as many as we built.

The Kingdom and the Power, by Gay Talese

Whence The New York Times? Gay Talese’s 1969 classic goes behind the scenes at the nation’s most influential newspaper. Though the printed version of The Times can seem old fashioned when compared to nytimes.com, Talese’s history of the paper is fascinating and, in my opinion, still germane in an increasingly digital world.


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